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  Better Workplaces
    Facebook has both quiet and social spaces for employees to utilise depending on their requirements.
Sustainable & Inclusive Spaces
The workplace at Facebook focuses on employee wellbeing and being sustainable. This reflects Facebook’s values in creating spaces that focuses on giving back through a sustainable office green star design rating. Sustainable products were used throughout while building the new office in Sydney, (such as ecologically repurposed floorboards). All finishes and furniture and construction materials are either recy- cled, reused or third party certified. Almost all new procured materials have a level A recognised eco label such as GECA, Global Greentag, GreenGuard, FSC and AFRDI.
There is no plastic ware within the café and micro kitchens. There is also a “refuse single use program” with no plastic bottles in the employee zones. Energy is sourced to be responsible and sustainable with 100% carbon offsets.
The offices are built to house a range of spaces including a games room, quiet rooms, library space, café and micro kitchens, massage chairs, ergonomic and height adjustable desks and chairs. Lighting and air conditioning are controlled to provide optimal conditions that are designed to reduce stress and fatigue. Food is a big component of how employee health and wellbeing is taken care of. In the Australian HQ in Sydney, employees and guests have onsite breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks, plus a variety of drinks and snacks available in the micro kitchens.
A HX program focuses on engaging people and communities to bring out and experience differences. Spaces are built to keep in mind differently abled employees and guests.
The Likeable Perks
Facebook focuses on supporting employees in a wide range of areas, from generous benefits to robust diversity programs. Employees are empowered
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