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Creative Agency: Special Group
MV: While I don’t love the execution, I love this idea. We’re all drawn to the personal lives of our sporting heroes — where they grew up, where they holiday. The conceptual twist to focus on the actual property is clever for Domain. It made me smile. You can see how this lives well beyond this execution.
SH: The first five seconds of this film are really good. I believe
this ad ran during the cricket and was designed to grab the viewer’s attention during that time. So, tick. But, I’m just not sure the gag of the talent turning in fake slow motion is good enough to keep your attention. Would most viewers even notice the joke? It’s very subtle. And since they went all-in with that slow-mo gag, the “sell” of the actual product is relegated to a small screen off to the side and completely missed.
Creative Agency: TBWA\NZ
JM: When a sports star endorses
a product that audiences associate them with, people are more likely to believe the endorser and consider the product.
While Aussies are passionate about cricket and property, the link between the two feels a little tenuous.
                 MV: The celebration of “good sports” is a clever way to shift focus to camaraderie and sportsmanship as opposed to just sport sponsorship and “winning at all costs”. The execution is charming (although about 15 seconds too long for my appetite). It’s probably the end line that saves this from disappearing
into generic adland.
SH: Direction is really lovely. Locations look great and are
interesting. The sport, for
the most part, feels very real and authentic, especially the wheelchair basketball (not sure about the guy almost one- hopping a hole-in-one, uphill, in the wind with a driver though!). Spot feels big, rich, crafted. Really smart, human, emotive way for a bank to say something bigger than just “we sponsor sport”. Saying that, not sure it needed to be a :90...
JM: An alliance with an endorser can convey important information about an attribute
or a value that helps differentiate a brand from its competitors. In this case, the core sports values of teamwork, inclusivity and determination shine through for ANZ. | April 2020 49

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