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 Creative Review
MV: The celebration of “good sports” is a clever way to shift focus to camaraderie and sportsmanship as opposed to just sport sponsorship and “winning at all costs”. The execution is charming (although about 15 seconds too long for my appetite). It’s probably the end line that saves this from disappearing into generic adland.
SH: Sometimes an ad endeavours to do too much. Here, they feature a bunch of different athletes doing a bunch of different sports, cramming in the product and how they can be used in every way imaginable, in multiple colours, from every angle. The irony is,
Creative Agency: Thinkerbell
with all the quick product shots,
you never really see what the hero product — the boots — look like. The
end result is an ad that’s invisible and the viewer doesn’t really take much away from it.
JM: Using the stars of women’s football to endorse a football boot designed specifically for women makes total sense. As well as providing a credible voice to promote the product, it allows other women to literally see themselves in these shoes.
                         MV: Using sports stars can be challenging from a performance perspective. But this film gets
it right enough. It’s the bits beyond the film that I’m really drawn to. Love the limited edition
Bartymite — I want one. And the tactical OOH is pretty fun, too. This is a charming campaign
that builds on the “Tastes like Australia” platform and is a really ownable space for Vegemite.
SH: Being the number one tennis player in the world tastes like Vegemite? Really? This makes
no sense. It comes across as if the agency was told that they had to shoot the ad on the same day they found out who the ambassador was — and then run the ad the following day.
JM: A campaign built on iconic Australian things uses an
iconic Australian tennis player
to endorse their brand during summer? Tastes like a no-brainer to me. Capitalising on Ash Barty’s popularity and recent success, this was a smart and simple way to use a celebrity endorsement.

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