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                 SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT
Ensuring a distinct global identity
WHEN bringing a product to market, one of the first things a retailer or online marketplace will ask for is a barcode and the number, or GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), of that barcode. This is used as the reference for sales and distribution through their networks.
When looking to obtain a barcode for your products, GS1 is the only official provider of GS1 GTINs and EAN/UPC barcodes globally.
GS1 introduced the system to the world in 1973, providing unique and authentic barcodes described by the BBC as “one of the fifty things that made the modern economy”.
In addition to the guarantee of global uniqueness, your company and product details will be entered in a global registry used by major retailers to verify the authenticity of the supplier. No other source offers this.
Having a unique number is critical. GS1 has received many calls over the years from brand owners and manufacturers who have had their product rejected by retailers because they had bought cheap barcodes, only to find that another business was already using it.
These businesses then incur significant costs in repackaging or relabelling all
of their stock. Buying cheap barcodes is a false economy.
GS1 provides ongoing support on how to generate your numbers, apply the barcodes to your products and share product information with
your trading partners. There are also member rates on a range of other services, all focused on getting your product onto the shelf or online and noticed by consumers to drive sales. ✷
     Easier better-for-you baking
RISING demand for free-from and health-conscious products in the traditionally indulgent bakery category is an opportunity for manufacturers to innovate in this space.
As research firm Mintel notes, consumers are increasingly looking for baked products with an improved nutritional profile and clean- label qualities. Achieving these credentials while maintaining the texture, taste and appearance that consumers expect is no easy task.
Hawkins Watts Australia, part of the trans-Tasman Hawkins Watts Limited Group, works with manufacturers to develop stress-free solutions. Sourced from first-class suppliers, its specialised product portfolio is tailor-made for manufacturers looking to capitalise on the trend towards gluten-free, plant-based, allergen-friendly and clean-label bakery products. From vegan flavourings and natural colours, through to fortificants and e-number-freetexturesolutions.
Hawkins Watts also supports customer innovation efforts in other ways by providing insightful trend analysis on what is gaining traction in the food and beverage industry. Its team of highly-qualified food technologists are always on hand to guide and support development concepts – in bakery as well as other application areas.
Localised manufacturing connections and bespoke or off-the-shelf customer solutions are also available. With a head office in Melbourne, Hawkins Watts’ national warehousing and distribution system services food and beverage companies across Australia.
For those interested in ‘better for you’ baking, Hawkins Watts Australia has developed a variety of suitable recipes, ideal for exploring the possibilities of this exciting space. Whether it’s a plant-based cheesecake, protein-enriched snack bars or sugar-reduced granola clusters, Hawkins Watts Australia has gotyoucovered. ✷
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