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                Wide Format
     Wide format 2.0 — Durst
launches high-speed system
 Durst has launched its new 600sqm an hour wide format printing system, the P5 350 HS, which includes high-speed full automation, a complete workflow solution, and a full ink portfolio.
According to Durst, its new printer is launched as it continues its journey to become a complete solutions provider in line with its ‘Pixel to Output’ strategy. Central to the launch is the P5
350 High Speed printer – together with the Durst Automat, a new full automation system, enhanced Durst software, a full LED ink portfolio, and partnerships.
The P5 350 HS is the newest family member from the P5 technology platform with Durst Automat, the fully automated inline solution
that Durst says makes production processes more versatile and efficient for customers.
The Durst Workflow is now available for non-Durst printers following the announcement of a partnership with PrintFactory, whose API software enables an easy management of mixed print environments. In line with its strategy, Durst has expanded its offer with workflow, analytics,
automation, and ink solutions for printers to deliver complete solutions from Pixel to Output.
The new Durst P5 350 HS can print at 600 sqm per hour, which is twice the speed of the Durst P5 350 standard model, making it, according to Durst, the most productive hybrid printer in the market.
The new printer had a virtual launch in Australia and New Zealand.
Matt Ashman, managing director of Durst Oceania, said, “The new P5 350 HS produces 600 sqm an hour, and that is all of sellable print. It is not just the hardware which has been upgraded, the software too has been revamped and improved.
“The new printer also makes it far easier to switch between flatbed and roll-to-roll with new modular feed and stacker units.
“Print businesses in Australia and New Zealand will be able to produce high volumes of high-quality print from the one machine with the new P5 350 HS."
Durst says additionally, thanks to the same features that made the P5 350 successful – such as the multiroll and the multitrack six option – the new model retains the level of high versatility. It can be configured with
up to nine colour channels, including light colours and white and varnish for special multilayer printing applications
        Pixel–to– output: New Durst 350
HS high
speed hybrid printer is part of the newly launched eco system
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