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   Epson launches
flatbed and resin printers
 Imaging giant Epson is making a bold play for new markets for itself and commercial printers with
the launch of a raft of new digital print solutions leveraging its technologies in sign and display.
Epson launched its first flatbed UV printer and its first resin printers, which will compete in the latex space.
Craig Heckenberg, managing director of Epson ANZ,
said, “The print solutions launched target growth areas, and bring Epson quality to those sectors.”
The new resin ink printers are in two models, the SureColor R5000 and R5000L, starting at $49,500. Epson says the colour gamut and the gradient tone range are high, the latter thanks to the variable sized droplets. The resin ink means the prints are ready for lamination virtually as soon as they come off the press. The difference between the two comes with the R5000L having double the number
of ink pouches and auto swapping for extended unattended operation.
The new 10-colour UV flatbed V7000 prints on 1.25x2.5m bed on media up to 80mm thick. It comes in at $130,000, competing in what is becoming a busy market. Epson says the print quality, productivity, and colour gamut is what will appeal to printers.
Heckenerg said, “All the new printers have new algorithms, a
new high-density ink, scalable print heads, and auto nozzle cleaning and replacement. We also have user- replaceable printheads, which will save needing a technician to come out.”
Epson also launched a cloud software, Port, for printer performance and cost analysis,
and ERMS, a cloud-based remote diagnostic and servicing tool. Both are available for all the new printers.
With the launch of the SureColor R5000 Series, Epson Australia has expanded its signage printer line- up to include resin ink solutions. Sitting beside the existing Epson
solvent range, they offer potential for faster job turnaround with reduced occupational health and safety and environmental concerns. Designed to compete against latex, these printers offer production speeds up to 27sqm an hour.
Epson says when compared with existing latex printers, the SureColor R5000 offers enhanced media support, colour gamut and gradation, and long lasting printheads for a reduced running cost.
The new 64-inch SC-R5000 and SC-R5000L deliver print performance and colour control thanks to dual PrecisionCore Micro TFP printheads and Epson Precision Dot Technology. Curing temperatures have been reduced over traditional latex to enable enhanced media support. Precision media tracking and temperature control ensures colour, image sizing and positioning is consistent from edge to edge, top to
Satisfying demanding customers: the new Epson SureColor V7000
bottom, and print to print.
Epson resin ink produces minimal
odour and does not require the out- gassing time of solvent. Printers can be installed and operated in a wider range of environments with reduced occupational health and safety concerns. The efficient drying and curing process enables prints to be produced and laminated quickly for faster job turnaround.
Long-life PrecisionCore Micro TFP printheads support variable sized dots with a smaller minimum drop size for an enhanced gamut and finer gradation. As Piezo printheads are not subjected to thermal degradations, they last a lot longer, while producing droplets that are more accurate and consistent.
When printheads do need replacing, Epson has implemented a programme that enables operator replacement, boosting uptime and productivity. 21
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Epson flatbed UV V7000
For sign makers looking to produce UV output, Epson Australia has launched its first flatbed printer. The SureColor V7000 builds on the success of Epson’s award-winning SureColor S-Series range of signage printers, delivering flexible production with image quality and a reduced running cost.
The flatbed printer supports media up
to 80 mm thick on its 1.25 x 2.5 m bed with multi-zone vacuum, printing in eight colour + white + varnish UltraChrome UV ink set, pumping out up to 15 sqm an hour with up to three ink layers in a single pass.
The SC-V7000 will print on a wide range of substrates including paper, film, Coreflute, vinyl, canvas, aluminium and acrylic. Epson
says it produces image quality to suit the most exacting applications including signage, POS/POP, premium packaging, décor, custom cabinetry and even fine art.
This robust and versatile printer incorporates eight Epson MicroPiezo printheads. Each head features 1440 microfine nozzles with variable size dots as small as 4 pl. Working with a new 10-colour Ultrachrome UV ink set, it will produce images with a wide gamut and fine gradation – sufficient, Epson says, to satisfy the most demanding customers. White and varnish can applied as spot colours.
The SureColor V7000 will start from $129,995 excluding GST in Australia and in New Zealand from NZ$146,995 excluding GST.

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