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Craftmate C requires only very little space in the packaging zone.
The Krones Craftmate C will be able to meet the current capacity demand for Mountain Culture, 6000 cans per hour
– and expand to runs of 15,000 cans per hour.
McCready says Mountain Culture chose Krones Craftmate C because it was looking for technology that would match the types of beer the company brews – from classic IPA and Pale Ale varieties to lagers right through to typical European beers such as Pilsner, Schwarzbier, or Märzen.
“I’m a co-founder but I’m also a brewer, so my number one priority has always been the quality of our beers. The Craftmate filler is known for packaging beer with super-low dissolved oxygen pickup, which is extremely handy given the hop-forward styles of beers
Mountain Culture has become famous for,” McCready said.
Krones head of sales Asia Pacific, Thomas Gerstl, visiting from Germany for the occasion to present the plaque, told DJ and Harriet he was proud to deliver the 100th Craftmate C to Mountain Culture, which he believes will support the company on its pathway of “unbelievable success”.
“Brewers like Mountain Culture are motivating us at Krones to continue with the quality R&D in technology development for craft brewers. I'm proud of this product because it was specifically designed for companies like Mountain Culture – a successful product for taking a successful company further,” Gerstl said.
Krones Pacific managing director Richard Gahagan said,
“We’re very proud to be associated with Mountain Culture, especially now on their third birthday. We see it as a strategic partnership, to commence a relationship with a customer who is at the start of growth journey that we will accompany them on, hopefully for many years, is very exciting. This plaque not only marks the 100th Craftmate C installed for Krones, but it is also for us the commencement of a long- standing relationship.”
Alongside the Craftmate C, Mountain Culture has also taken delivery of a Sensicol Linear labeller from Kosme, a Krones division.
Harriet McCready says Mountain Culture is known for its striking, creative, and colourful labels. “We need the flexibility to be able to turnaround a label changeover quickly. We often engage with our customers on new brew creations, and then we create a label to match the innovative new brew – speed to market is essential.”
Both machines, shipped here from Krones Neutrabling in Germany, are in situ awaiting commissioning at Mountain Culture Emu Plains, with the first cans set to roll off the lines some time in November. ■
FAR LEFT: Marking the 100th Craftmate C installation with a special plaque: from left: Krones Pacific head of sales Franz Kirchberger; Krones Pacific MD Richard Gahagan; Mountain Culture's Harriet McCready and DJ McCready; Krones head of sales, Thomas Gerstl; Krones Pacific sales manager Grant Day.
LEFT: Celebrating success in the new Emu Plains brewpub: from left, Franz Kirchberger, Grant Day, Richard Gahagan, DJ McCready, Harriet McCready and Thomas Gerstl.
BELOW: Mountain culture's co-founders, the dynamic duo Harriet and DJ McCready, alongside the new Krones Craftmate C.
    “Brewers like Mountain Culture are motivating us at Krones to continue with quality R&D in technology development for craft brewers.”

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