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 without the cow – it comes down to making proteins and brewing them in a process similar to beer brewing.
“We just program the yeast to express proteins, as opposed to alcohol,” Fader said.
“It delivers a full dairy milk sensory experience, and we can stack it with all the nutrition found in milk. We can emulate the dairy experience without touching a cow at any step along the way.”
A major sticking point for these emerging foods is that while the process might be quite simple, scaling it to be commercially viable is another scientific journey altogether.
“We are solving complex problems. We are trying to do a process in 500,000 litre tanks that at the moment is only being done in a five-litre tank.”
The motivation behind Eden Brew is the burning platform around the need to meet demand for food over the next generation, with forecasts
“ I found that when you completely pivot, your strategy doesn’t kick in overnight. So, you’ve got to know when it’s the wrong one and not working. But when you know it’s right you have to commit to it, and that can be daunting, especially as the person leading the team.”
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Editor Kim Berry and Bubs Australia founder and CEO Kristy Carr’s fireside chat; Jim Fader enjoying proceedings; Attendees listening to Kristy Carr discuss what happens when POTUS tweets about your company.
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