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 sustainability opportunities for the food beverage industry. Having a good analysis, understanding your current inventory, and your carbon footprint is one of the best places to start,” Seddon said.
In the last five years, perspective on climate risk has completely changed around the world and a climate risk assessment was an important piece of work for businesses.
“It helps you face reality,” Seddon added.
Low carbon solutions can be found right through the supply chain, including collaboration and investment with peers.
Also looking at data service providers, distribution channels, and ingredient and packaging suppliers can all be powerful opportunities.
“We need to identify how climate hazards impact our businesses, and what we can do about them; how do we make sure they’re not going to put us out of business,” Seddon said.
When KPMG national sector lead for Consumer Packaged Goods & Agribusiness, Georgie Aley, took the stage, it was an information packed session looking at six major areas FMCG businesses need to focus on today, what the big disruptors are, and how companies can use them to their advantage. It was fast, furious, and loaded with practical information.
Complementary to Seddon’s comments on the disruptions of recent climate disasters, Aley also discussed the
severe impacts Covid had on supply chains and businesses, highlighting a “war on talent”.
“There is the need for businesses to still deal with a fundamental labour and skills shortage, and the shift in skills that we need in our businesses has evolved and accelerated over the last three years.
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“ If business is going to reduce risk, improve
its operational performance, and build climate resistance, it starts with the first step. And then another.”
  ABOVE: Publisher Lindy Hughson, Cress Consulting CEO Julia Seddon, and Australian Beverages Council head of corporate affairs Cathy Cook.
LEFT: Julia Seddon outlining steps for decarbonisation.
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