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                                Result Group makes its
mark on fresh produce
RESULT Group has brought ‘natural branding’ to the Australian market, with the introduction of the new EcoMark Natural Branding machine, a non-contact and safe laser marking and labelling system that creates an image on fruit and vegetable peel.
Since the new EcoMark Natural Branding system has no labeller, there is zero label cost and no lock in contracts for consumables.
It uses a laser to remove colour from the fruit or vegetable’s outer layer of skin, acting like a tattoo by creating an image on a variety of goods.
EcoMark said it is ‘packaging without packaging’ and can produce plastic-free packaging, eliminating packaging costs.
The new laser technology can be used on any food with a robust skin, including: apples, avocados, apricots, bananas, grapefruits, kiwi fruits, lemons, limes, mandarins, pears, and oranges. Using a laser for the marking, the system ensures branding, SKU level identification, traceability and authenticity, and according to the company, the barely detectable heat used on fruits
and vegetables does not produce long-term damage.
The advantage of the system is that it simply depigments the uppermost cell layer of the fruit’s skin and removes the outermost layer of skin, preserving the fruit’s integrity, Result Group says.
However, due to its adaptability and ease of production line integration, it is be becoming “increasingly popular” for conventional goods to benefit from natural branding without losing traceability.
According to Result Group, the method can also be used for marketing promotions and branding of the product itself, as it has no effect on food quality or shelf life, providing the cheapest way to mark the product in small or large quantities. ✷
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