Page 2 - AdNews Magazine Jan-Feb 2021
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                                 It’s not what you know...
Finding credible, current sources of useful industry intelligence is becoming more of a challenge daily. Surveys and measurements abound, but usually come with vested interests and questionable motives. What you already know has already served you.
We’ve partnered with Hearts & Science to answer your next questions.
AdNews Marketing Pulse (AMP) is more than a tick the box health check...
It’s at the heart of issues and attitudes affecting brand decision makers in this fast changing environment.
Independent. Robust. Professional.
Commencing with an up-to-the-minute industry questionnaire, plus targeted C-Level interviews, AMP is the core of AdNews’ ‘best in class’ insights and intelligence, no strings attached!
To discover more about AdNews Marketing Pulse, talk today with AdNews Editor Chris Pash on 0402 340 188.

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