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                                        FORD — LIVE THE RANGER LIFE
BBDO Australia
 AF: If there is a “Ranger Life”, it surely can’t be like the 99 per cent of ute ads out there. For me, Ford misses a chance to make a unique statement for such an iconic car.
I hope the agency dives deeper
into it. The creative platform feels big and very ownable, but not when executed like this.
AS: The idea feels a little familiar — our car helps you be the person
you’ve always wanted to be, do things you never thought possible. However, they’ve managed to execute it with a good amount of personality, using dramatisation to have some fun.
CD: Love the idea that
“Ranger Life” makes you feel like Bear Grylls even when you’re grabbing a latte.
This should hit the target market right between the eyes.
                            SUZUKI —
Deloitte Digital
AF: I don’t like puns. Sorry,
let me be clearer. I don’t like puns in advertising — it’s lazy. Everything else in this ad is right. It’s good. It’s fun. It’s exactly how I like to ride my Suzuki. Well done, but for f**k’s sake, please no puns!
AS: “For Fun’s Sake” — what a great platform. It continues to produce fresh and fun work that
cuts through the tired tropes
of car advertising. And “The Motorbike of Cars” delivers again. Although I wish they held off on the reveal a little longer.
CD: What a great payoff on the brand line. The VO, the slow- motion, the talent — it’s all fun. No easy sell getting a biker to straddle the roof of every pack shot. Kudos to all. | May/June 2021 57

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