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                 Creative Review
Innocean Australia
AF: This is it. Maybe a bit long, and maybe the line could be a bit stronger, but I don’t care. I love what Kia is doing, not just in this ad, but in general. It seems like they’ve got it and every ad is
a clear manifestation of it. Well done. The last shot is everything.
AS: A people mover that moves like a race car. It’s an interesting thought, but the execution is
lacking humanity. What’s the benefit for families? Why would they hit tight corners at high speeds? Seems like the idea could take you to more interesting places than the racetrack.
CD: Accusatory end line aside, not sure if rain, speed, racetracks and family wagons are a good mix. Perhaps there’s more to come with Kia’s new brand positioning?
                   NISSAN — NAVARA
Nissan United
    AF: There is not much to say about this ad. Pulling the travel rug isn’t getting us anywhere. It feels like another iconic car model
misses the mark. There is more to a Navara than this.
AS: “Travel the whole world... of Australia” is an interesting idea
that’s never been more relevant. But the execution just feels a bit familiar. It would’ve been nice to see something less expected than a ute conquering different terrains.
CD: Nice insight, nice execution. This will no doubt be the first of
a bunch of COVID-19-influenced automotive work in Australia — hey, there’s worse places to holiday. | May/June 2021 58

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