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                                                         Behind the Cover
The creative contingent of adland is the beating heart of the industry. To fully embrace this, and with a mission to create awesome and inspiring covers, each month AdNews hand- picks an agency to work its magic.
The mouldy cookie and roaches
     With third-party cookies finally on their way out, AdNews called on Innocean Australia to come up with a cover that perfectly depicted their crumble. The result? Mould, cockroaches and a very unappetising cookie.
What were your initial thoughts on the third-party cookie deprecation brief at hand?
Google it. There are so many arti- cles trying to explain it. So we decided our approach should be to get attention for this issue of AdNews, and let the specialists give their point of view.
Post first brief chat, what went through your mind(s) and what were the next
steps you took as a team? Imagining this decomposing digital cookie needed to be brought to life in the most real way. So casting the roaches was top of the list. And then decom- posing a pretty tasty cookie.
How did you know you’d landed on the best concept? When we left a printed version of the cover on a desk and people screamed.
Who from the team was largely involved and what were their roles?
Everyone. It’s one of those topics where you need to get a diverse point of view. We’re not trying to
solve the problem, but it affects everyone in the agency so each of the team brought insights and direction to the solution.
The following responses are best heard from our photographic partner, Michael Corridore:
What were the biggest hurdles to making this a reality?
Any challenges?
Time was the main challenge. We were working to a deadline which didn’t allow for nature to take its course on this project. Good mould takes time. Sprouting luscious plump florets of furry green and white Rhizopus or Penicillium mould is at least a 10-day process. We didn’t have that time.
Tell us about the actual creation techniques.
How did it come together?
My first thought was to attempt to grow mould, though I couldn’t find a technique that would accelerate mould cultivation. Deep research and following many stomach-turning links online and on scientific YouTube channels lead nowhere. I had already set up many cookie tests around our kitchen with different mould generating devices, but nothing really happened. The preservatives in the commercially bought cookies kept the mould at bay. With the looming deadline fast approaching, I turned to modelmakers Yippee Ki-Yay, to create a model cookie garnished with mould. They were able to turn the cookie around quite quickly as they had just wrapped a big job and were about to start another. Timing couldn’t have been better. The base model they supplied looked so convincing. I shot multiple versions of the model and degenerated their great work by adding organic matter such as flour, egg whites, dry yeast and some food dyes to enhance that extra 3% of natural realism.
Biggest challenges with the whole process?
Did anything keep you up at night?
Cockroaches were the things that kept me up at night. A few weeks ago, during the hot spell we had in Sydney, you had to dodge the roaches on the footpaths. Cockroaches were nowhere to be seen in the lead up to the shoot. Murphy’s law. I managed to catch one that our cat had chased into the house, but it escaped when I attempted to transfer it into a container. I searched cockroach sales online and found them. It is a thing — live bait supplies. They arrived the next day from interstate.
Best bit about the process?
Getting it done and not having to wrangle cockroaches anymore. | May/June2021
Thinking. Insights. Ideas.
       Leave it for
the roaches
Third-party cookies won’t survive as
longastheinsects.Sowhatnext? AdNewMsa–yS/inJucnee12902281
1:14 pm
Agency: Innocean Australia
Creative Team:
ECD: Wez Hawes
CD: Shaun O’Connor
Writer: Laura Parker
Strategist: Charlotte Berry
Production Team:
Photographer: Michael Corridore
Retouching: Pieter Owen @ Cream Electric Art
Wellcom Studio Artist: Juliana Bacmaga Innocean Producer: Warrick Nicholson
 A limited edition bespoke AdNews ‘A’ trophy is also up for grabs for the winner.
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