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                  Picture This
Squeak E. Clean first impressions
 We look at our furry friends across the advertising, adtech, marketing and media sector, shedding
a light on these stars and how they help adland get results. This month, we speak to Squeak E. Clean Studios’ director of first impressions: Bella.
Picture This
Time in current role/time at the company? Two years.
How would you describe what the company does? They recruit new people to pat me every day.
What do you do day to day?
A lot of woofin’ around.
Define your job in one word:
I got into advertising because?
I’m great with words.
Who is your right-hand person/ who guides you day to day? The one they call ‘James’.
Whose job have you set your sights on in the future? That box everyone throws all their food in after they’ve finished their lunch.
Where do you turn for inspiration?
I like to take inspiration from the SubWOOFer in Studio 2.
My best trick is?
Swatting anything at knee height with my tail, including glasses full of water, laptops, and especially glasses full of water next to laptops.
Tell us one thing people
at work don’t know about you? What I had in my mouth before
I licked your face.
 PAIGE MURPHY | May/June 2021 9

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