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RUAG Australia on Next Gen F-35 MRO sustainment
RUAG Australia was excited to announce that the US Joint Program Office (JPO) had assigned it responsibility for providing compo- nent maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services to the next generation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter fleets in the Asia Pacific region. The as- signments represent a significant international expansion of RUAG’s component MRO busi- ness confirming its capabilities.
These new assignments hark back to RUAG’s long standing status as a preferred provider of life cycle support and MRO services to the ADF’s key aviation capabili- ties. Specifically to its more than 15 years of reliable MRO support to the RAAF’s F/A- 18A/B Classic Hornet fleet.
“The F-35 assignments are a genuine re- flection of our people across the company, together with their knowledge and skill. Our people value the reputation for reliable service that they have developed and con- tinue to cultivate over many years serving our customers,” Terry Miles, General Man- ager, RUAG Australia said to ADM.
Recognising experience
RUAG responded to JPO’s 2018 call for applications to provide MRO services to the F-35 fleet by highlighting its specialised engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, and materials processing capabilities, and how these competencies apply to landing gear systems, wheels and brakes, auxiliary power units, hydraulic and mechanical sys-
Sustaining the F-35 will require a broad range of skills.
tems, flight controls, pneumatic systems, fuel systems, and environmental control systems. The company demonstrated correlations between the F-35’s MRO requirements and the life cycle MRO services that RUAG has already successfully provided to fleets of F-111, Classic Hornets, AP-3C Orions, Hercules, Seahawks, Black Hawks, and a number of other military and civil aircraft
types over the years.
The company has a solid reputation for
delivering reliable, standardised MRO ser- vices. It is also renowned for recognising the changing nature of sustainment require- ments and working to solve more complex and demanding sustainment issues. The company’s ability to provide comprehensive MRO services is highlighted by the design, implementation and certification of more than 900 non-standard modifications and repairs for components of the RAAF Clas- sic Hornet, for example.
“We believe RUAG’s proven experience in component MRO services is a compel- ling factor for JPO’s MRO assignment de- cision,” Miles explained.
Integrating collaboration
and dialogue
Based on continuous dialogue, these part- nerships showcase the leading advantages of teaming RUAG’s extensive experience in practical, on-the-job MRO services with the deep OEM knowledge-base.
RUAG’s MRO assignments also stem from the company’s internal culture, where individuals and teams work together, solv- ing complex problems, and developing workable solutions.
Independent technical assessments are necessary to confirm JPO’s assignment decisions, prior to JPO converting assign- ments to contracts. RUAG’s first site survey confirmed its AS9100, DASR Part 21J and DASR Part 145 accreditations, as well as its Classic Hornet MRO capabilities. It also successfully drew strong comparisons to the requirements for providing advanced MRO services to the next generation F-35 fleet.
“Our site survey is a major step in con- firming JPO’s MRO assignment decisions,” Miles confirmed.
RUAG’s MRO assignments for the JSF are the result of more than three years of discussion, close collaboration, and detailed planning between RUAG and its industry partners.
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