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Implementing advanced repair technologies
RUAG is acknowledged as a world-leader in Additive Material Technology (AMT) and its use for the repair and restoration of struc- tural components. The AMT team develops cutting edge applications in conjunction with its network of academic, research, and industry partners to focus on capabilities that include engineering additive materials, mod- ification and design applications, fixed and mobile operation, and a Certification Au- thority awarded by the Australian Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DASA).
Supersonic Particle Deposition (SPD) and Laser Additive Deposition (LAD) technologies have developed into RUAG’s preferred repair methods. When compared to traditional repair techniques, SPD and LAD are proven to improve component availability and reduce sustainment costs.
RUAG’s scorecard for additive material repairs shows $8 million of customer sus- tainment savings, with more than 50 re- pairs on three aircraft types, and more than 10,000 accrued flying hours.
RUAG enjoys a unique reputation in the
The old and the new: a Hornet and F-111, platforms RUAG is familiar with as the RAAF fast jet fleet transitions again.
implementation of innovative additive ma- terials technologies (AMT) for structural repairs and maintenance that have contrib- uted towards improved fleet availability and reduced sustainment costs.
Moving forward in next generation sus- tainment capabilities also sees RUAG Aus- tralia participating in the collaborative and coordinated effort between the Australian Government, the Australian Defence Force, global partners, and Australian industry to achieve F-35 MRO assignments.
“There is a strong sense of reward associat-
ed with being singled out as the best-in-class provider of component MRO services for the next generation F-35 fleet,” Miles said.
“Now is a very exciting time for us at RUAG. The global delivery of production F-35 aircraft has been a decade in the mak- ing and we are eager to extend our contribu- tion to the JSF program, from the precision manufacture of parts, to the provision of MRO services to operational fleets,” em- phasizes Stephan Jezler, Senior Vice Presi- dent, Aviation International, RUAG MRO International.
RUAG’s MRO assignments are aligned directly with its core repair technolo- gy group competencies:
• Valve Systems (31 components)
• Power and Thermal Management Systems (25 components)
• Hydraulic Systems (113 components)
• Landing Gear Systems
(35 components)
• Pump Systems (2 components)
Protected. Connected. Trusted.
Rohde & Schwarz is the trusted partner for information superiority to more than 40 navies around the world. Rohde & Schwarz Australia provides four strategic homeports across Australia from which we have been providing superior communications solutions for almost 40 years.
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