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                  November-December 2021 | | PACKAGING INNOVATION | PACK EXPO
 collaborative delta style robot that can perform up to 90 picks per minute.
The other interesting thing about the Sidebot is its form factor. Most Delta robots need to be mounted on a frame straddling the work area. The Sidebot is mounted on a canti- levered frame beside the work area. This frees up space and allows it to be moved from application to appli- cation if needed.
Several companies showed innovative ideas to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide footprint.
Most DC motors can also act as gen- erators by shifting them from input to output. This capability has long been used to augment mechanical braking on everything from trains to liquid fillers. In most applications the regenerated energy is wasted as heat.
The Sidebot is mounted on a cantilevered frame beside the work area.
Schneider Electric has developed a method of capturing and reusing the regenerated energy. This cuts electri- cal use by eliminating waste.
Compressed air is widely used, and often wasted, in packaging machines. It is, safe, easy to use and handy for many applications. It is also expensive and even small leaks can
cost hundreds of dollars each year. Emerson Electric’s Aventics line of flow controls continuously moni- tor flow, pressure and temperature. They can be connected via the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) to pro- vide real-time data, as well as alarms when out of parameter conditions occur. This allows an abnormally high flow rate, indicating a leak, to be addressed instantly, reducing losses.
Single-use systems are disposable fluid paths that eliminate the traditional need for cleaning. Currently they are mostly used in the bio/pharma indus- try for aseptic filling. I believe they will be more widely used in food and other industries in coming years. Bags to replace the reservoir tank, tubing, filters, fittings and nozzles are all sup- plied pre-assembled and sterilised.
The RI20 is a standard palletiser equipped with an industrial robot arm. This single or multi-pick
unit is ideal for the continuous palletising of closed boxes up
to 12 cycles per minute with a maximum payload of up to 15kg.
Space-saving footprint
Easy to integrate and relocate
Safe coexistence with operators
Quick to configure and set up
Intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop pallet patterns
Data collection and preventative info package
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