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 36 PACKAGING INNOVATION | PACK EXPO | | November-December 2021
One bottleneck has been the piston filling pumps. These have tradition- ally been stainless steel and need to be assembled aseptically. Syntegon Pharma Technology (formerly Bosch) has recently introduced a line of single use diaphragm pumps (see image page 34). These are supplied pre-assembled with the rest of the fluid path and dis- carded after use.
VR (virtual reality) systems have come a long way in recent years. One appli- cation now coming into its own is the use of VR to design packaging lines. Australia’s own tna Packaging and Processing Solutions gave me a demo of its proprietary system. Donning a VR headset and a pair of hand con- trols, I was able to navigate around a snack food baking and filling line as if I were on the floor. Anyone who has ever built a packaging line with equip- ment sourced from multiple locations knows that a lot of hard work as well as luck is involved in getting everything to fit properly. The VR system allows the customer, integrator and machine builders to virtually assemble the line and make sure everything fits. The vir- tual nature of VR means that they can collaborate from wherever in the world they happen to be.
Changepart storage and transporta- tion has long been a challenge. This is especially true of the larger parts used on bottling lines. Septimatech and Changeparts Inc both intro- duced user configurable carts at the Las Vegas show. Both start with the familiar pegboard concept. Both take it about three steps further but in different ways.
Septimatech starts with a wire grid, mounted on wheels. To this it has added standard mounts that can be attached anywhere on the grid to hold the changeparts. Smaller parts can be stored in removable bins sized to suit requirements.
Changeparts Inc starts with the same laminated plastic that it (and
ABOVE: Changeparts Inc (left) and Septimatech (right) both showcased solutions to the common challenge of changepart storage and transportation.
Septimatech) builds its standard carts from. It routes a series of slots into the sheet and mounts it on wheels for a cart, or can mount it on a storeroom wall. Hooks and other fitments are provided that fit into the slots to hold the changeparts.
There had been some fears that the show would not be well attended although, overall, attendance was down only slightly. Although some manufacturers did not sell as much machinery as they might normally, most companies put on pretty good displays. My feet are still tired and my mind is still trying to digest all I saw, but it was a great show. ■
The next Pack Expo Chicago edition will take place on 23-26 October 2022.
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