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Why Does Parental Alienation Happen To So Many Families?
The holidays are near, and this is the time when many children will have both parents to share time with. There will be others who will spend time with
the parents separately, and unfortunately, there will be children who will be alienated from one of their parents.
Parental alienation is when one parent tries to make their children hate their other parent. Parental alienation tears families apart and it can be worst during the holidays when everyone is supposed to
be happy and joyful.
Parental alienation does not only hurt the non-custodial parent(usually the father), but
it also hurts the child. A child deserves to
have both parents in their life, but that does
not always happen because some parents put their emotions ahead of the children.
Parental alienation is very hurtful and it can be very damaging, yet it happens to so many families.
Why does it happen? It happens because sometimes the pain from a breakup or divorce is still there and one parent wants to get revenge on the other. Some people get a joy or pleasure from causing pain to other people. Another reason parental alienation happens is because one parent wants the child all to themselves.
Sometimes children are seen as a parent’s possession; they do not want anyone else to connect with the child because they see the child as a small part of themselves. Parental alienation is never easy to deal with and you may be tempted to take drastic measure to get your own revenge. However, it is important that you stay calm and do not do what the other parent is doing.
You are not alone. Unfortunately many Fathers and some mothers are alienated from their children. There are resources and great people who are willing to help.
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