NJC University Placement 2018-19
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NEUCHÂTEL JUNIOR COLLEGE was founded with the vision of offering exclusively the pre-university year, and to this day, it is the only school of its kind that we know of in the world. Our 100-percent university-bound community gives rise to a particular energy and focus about the future. Enrollment at the Junior College is intentionally small, enabling staff and faculty to attend to students’ university placement needs with attention and care.
NJC provides the support, guidance and assistance that students need to finalize their choices, facilitate their applications and gain admission to university programs across Canada and all over the world. We do recommend that students visit a few top choice university campuses prior to their departure for Neuchâtel, but other than this, we are easily able to execute every other aspect of the university application process from Switzerland.
Many factors are at play to ensure that students have the university placement advice and support that they require – the foundation of which is NJC’s structured University Placement Program. Attention to detail at each integral phase ensures that the university placement process is seamless. Students benefit from ongoing counselling from NJC’s experienced Director of University Guidance and her dedicated guidance support team. The process commences with course selection advice in the spring prior to departure followed by one-on-one consultations, presentations and group meetings while in Switzerland.

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