Page 12 - Seasons Magazine Advent 2020
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Reflection by Ruth Chu
Greetings from Boylston, MA. The Chus are home for the holidays and finally settled in. The house downsizing, selling and buying journey is over. It was certainly quite an interesting and amazing experience. I just finished reading CHUS ON THE MOVE, and so much has happened since then.
It was not an easy road to take during the Covid season. Lots of delays and unexpected twists and turns, but through it all God’s plans prevailed. Our dear neighbors are now the proud owners of our previous home, and I couldn’t have imagined a more suitable family to be blessed.
Through this journey we have met many wonderful repair people. I now know Home Depot like the back of my hand, having walked through every aisle while our house was getting the 80-page, 2-1⁄2-hour long home inspection. We ended up having to list the home, show it numerous times and renegotiate the price; but through it all God gave us the patience, peace, and His perspective.

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