Page 13 - Seasons Magazine Advent 2020
P. 13

  "He never wastes opportunities and challenges."
You learn a lot about yourself and priorities when you have to move to a new place, and I am so thankful that David and I were on the same page with the decisions made. We went from thinking about renting a townhouse for a year to looking at 55+ housing in Shrewsbury to buying a condo in Grafton to finally settling into a new duplex in Boylston.
Faithfully, God provided us with a wonderful realtor and praying friends and family.
The toughest time was when we had moved successfully out of our old home and were waiting to close on the new home. We were essentially homeless and were staying at a long-term hotel locally. Then some friends offered for us to stay with them which was such a blessing, and we moved into our new home on my 60th birthday- BEST Birthday present ever!!!
Sometimes I still can’t believe we are here. I feel like I am living in a dream and have to pinch myself once in awhile. God is so good, not just for providing us with this perfect home, but for growing us through this experience. He never wastes opportunities and challenges.
We would like to wish our Journey Church family a very merry christmas, happy New Year, and God’s blessings in 2021.

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