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   God gave mealotof courage
I came here with my husband from Haiti in April, 2019. After three months I became pregnant with my second child, Justina. When I felt something different in my body, I told my husband and he said “What? You’re pregnant? I don’t need the baby! Choose. Me or your baby.” I answered him that I chose my baby. He never helped me because he had a girlfriend. She was also pregnant with his baby.
But, God is great. He put a nice lady in my way. He name’s Judith and she helped me a lot. She brought me a dress, sandals, food, etc. She brought me to my appointment every month. When the doctor asked me if this was my second child I said yes. He asked if there were complications, I said yes. He wanted me to have a C section. I said no, I believe God will give me the baby without that pain. He loves me. I remembered in 2010 my husband brought me to the clinic at midnight to force me to have an abortion. God gave me a lot of courage to say no. She is now 10 years old praise God!
After 10 years, I said that if my husband changed his life I'm gonna go back to him but he never changed his life. He has another girlfriend now he has 2 girlfriends and a boy with each of them.
After 10 years he came to my house he told me "I know you waiting for me you don't need to. I will never go back with you. Find someone in your life you can accept.” I said “Ok God will provide.” After that I decided to divorce him.
This is my testimony I hope it's a blessing. I love you my Journey family
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