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   Remembering Our Australian Car Industry.
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In 1966 Holden accounted for 56.2% of all Australian motor vehicle exports.
Pictured here are HR Holdens ready to be shipped to left hand drive markets, including Greece, Libya and Turkey among others.
In 1967 the 100,000th export Holden was produced at Holden's Pagewood assembly plant in Sydney NSW.
(Australian content more than 95 per cent)
Total Holden Exports in 1966: 15,144 Total Holden exports in 1967: 11,187
Out of interest, 78 members and guests/partners registered for the June Club Run and Lunch.
On the day only 46 attended, and 7 of those had not actually registered beforehand. !!! 39 is a very large number to just not turn up... where were you all ???
Even allowing for last minute sickness or indisposition this is a very huge discrepancy. Imagine if you had arranged a party and 30 guests did not turn up – all the preparation and food wasted. Not happy Jan!
Won’t embarrass anyone by mentioning names, but it does make the Social Committee tear out their hair sometimes!
Conversely, there is also a culture amongst some members of leaving a decision until the morning of the event – “I don’t know until the day!”
If it is an event without catering this could be acceptable.
But Registration is critical to the organisation and planning of all events, and RCC is usually required to advise the café or restaurant of attending numbers in advance – sometimes a whole week beforehand. It is very unfair, and proves costly to them, to have clients just not turn up.
• Please do not register for an event on a whim, then forget to say if you cannot attend later.
• Please don’t bother to register, then turn up on the day expecting to have full catering facilities that have been booked in advance.
If any members have an idea as to how the Social Committee can solve this situation, please let us know.
We have a whole bunch of lovely members who are responsible adults and everyone is asked to put some thought into this situation so that Club events can continue to be enjoyable occasions for all.

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