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    Roadrunner Car Club
New Members
We welcome all the new members. The committee hope you enjoy the club for all it has to offer.
Kenny Barnett, Valdora
969 HT Kingswood
Phil Candish, Pomona
1967 HR Holden
Dianna Christie, Mooloolaba
1965 XP Ford Falcon; 1974 XB Ford Falcon GS Hardtop
John Colwell, Mooloolaba
1974 VJ Valiant Charger
Ian Jones, Bli Bli
2014 Mercedes C200
Vicki Jones, Bli Bli
2014 Mercedes C200
Brendan Lee, Palmview
1968 Ford Mustang
Jason Slonim, Mountain Creek
1983 Porsche 944
Seb Williment, Black Mountain
1984 Toyota Troop Carrier
Total active membership
348 on 13th June 2023
 We look forward to meeting you all at our social activities : President
 Help !!
If you need help or advice on completing your member profile, please contact our
Web Master : Graeme Block
Thank you!
 Please wear your name badge to all Club events.
  All Members ... ...
If you change your contact details – phone/email/home address – please notify the Club immediately via the website Member Directory.
New members, please complete your member profile as soon as possible – including your privacy settings in the Club Member Directory.
The profiles are only available to other members
by logging into the site and cannot be seen by anyone else.
Thank you!
 Registered for a club event and then can’t attend ?
This helps us when checking numbers and is vital when advising cafés, restaurants and various venues where booking numbers in advance is essential. Your help in this would be very much appreciated.
Thank you!
  Individual Ordinary Membership – Automatic renewal
If you choose the option AUTOMATIC RENEWAL on your member profile the system will renew your Club subscription automatically each year, saving you having to renew manually.
MEMBERS INFORMATION Please have a look at page 24 regarding altering registrations for events.

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