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1 JULY 2023
We are continuing to see new people enquiring and joining the club which means we must be doing something right.
I need to draw everyone’s attention to a problem that we currently have that reflects badly on the Club. People are registering for events and not turning up – without cancelling. The problem this creates is that the venues often put on extra staff to cater for our numbers and when we don’t have those numbers they could end up losing money! If we are to continue to be welcomed by these venues we need to keep them in mind and help them to cater properly. [See page 24 re cancelling attendance/registration].
The cooler mornings seem to have slowed attendance at Cooroy Sunday Cruize-In or is it just that so many members are on holiday in England at the moment? Still it was great to see those who rugged up and braved the cold, it’s always good to see what a great variety of vehicles we have in the Club.
Secret Mens’ Business and Handbrakes Ladies’ Coffee Mornings are still being well attended with some great venues chosen – if you haven’t been to one yet, make sure you register for the next. It’s a great way to meet fellow Club members.
Please remember the Club website is your primary source of event information and registration, I trust you will enjoy getting involved. Do not hesitate to speak to myself or any of the committee if there is anything you would like us to consider – even better, talk to us about how you might organise something yourself.
Remember – this is your Club – let’s work together and make it great !
Phone: 0488 143 763

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