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    Dino Romano was born in Mendoza, Argentina to an Ital- ian father and an Argentine mother.
Mendoza is located in the
deep admiration for his father Nello Francesco, looking up to him as one of his first role models and heroes in the world of motorcycling. His first experiences with riding
part of the prov-
ince, in a region
of foothills and
high plains, on
the eastern side
of the Andes. The
ebb and flow of
the landscape
creates a dream
scenario for motorcyclists as there are endless winding roads that careen through the peaks and valleys of
the mountain range. As a youngster, Dino harbored a
took place on the back of his father’s Match- less 500cc, traveling down the seemingly endless roads that cover the vineyards of Mendoza, also known as the “Argentine Chi- anti.” This area of the country earns world-
wide respect for the wine
it exports, but Dino could care less about that and was focused on a completely dif- ferent product. On the back of his father’s motorcycle, he
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 “You live more in five minutes on a bike like this going flat out than some people live in a lifetime.” - The World’s Fastest Indian

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