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   further explore his passion of working with engines, earn- ing a paycheck in the dealer- ship’s workshop throughout his teenage years. Shortly thereafter, he set up his
own motorcycle shop in the Maremma hills called MO- TODALCUORE, and that’s when his life truly began.
It happened in 1978 when Dino met Carlo Talama and the two of them collabo- rated to open one of the first Triumph dealerships and workshops in Italy, located
in Grosseto. His childhood dream that was born on the countless pillion rides he took with his father in Argen- tina had finally been realized, running his own shop in the picturesque landscape of Maremma. His passion for engines worked in tandem with his unrelenting creativity and he began crafting cus- tomized motorcycle models that were recognized by the industry as artistic master- pieces. Throughout the last thirty years of business,
Dino has extended his reach into all avenues of motor- cycling -- from the Thruxton Cup to the Bonneville Salt Flats, he’s gained invaluable experience in the field and has worked with legendary

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