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  brands such as Harley Davidson and Triumph. The artistic creations that he produces transcend the world of motorcycling and allowed him to receive prestigious awards and praises from the international press. He built everything within the realm of motorcycling; choppers, bobbers, streetfighters, retro mo- torcycles with absurd dimensions and shapes, cruisers, classics, and sportbikes -- his hands know no bounds when it comes to crafting motorcycles into his own personal work of art. He tells his customers “When you come to us listen to the beating of your heart, look inside yourself for what moves you, our job is to realize your dreams.”
Dino exclaims “What I want to convey is imagination, to make me move my hands is the desire to un- derstand what I have inside. Whether I am in front of a white canvas with brushes or a motorcycle with a hacksaw, I do not have to anything but let them be.”
In 2018, he formed Open Eyes Dream Team to contest the world-famous Speed Week 2018, which takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah at the one and only Bonneville Salt Flats. The event dates back to 1912 and is one of the most historic racing expositions in all of the country, drawing thousands of driv- ers from around the world to compete at The Bonneville Speedway. They bunch of them had only one goal in mind in their expedition to the United States: beat the land speed record for engines powered by natural gas.
They participated with a type of motorcycle defined as “Partial Streamlining”, powered by LPG, with a displacement not exceeding 1000cc within the confines of the rules. It’s a passion project in its purest form and according to Dino himself, it takes a strong dose of emotion and a pinch of madness.

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