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  Miraculously, the standing record in the category is held by famous pilot Bur Munro, who set the record in 1967 with his Indian and received public praise as his story was told through a film called “Indian - The Great Challenge”, featuring none other than Anthony Hopkins. The bike they crafted for the challenge is very special, containing a chrome-molybdenum steel frame, driven by a 1000cc 4-cylinder engine, powered by an electronic injection of 8 injectors, energized from the GPL. The overall length of the vehicle is approximately 3.40 meters. It has two alloy wheels and an upside-down fork. Federico Rizzo of the Metalbike Garage team undertook the design responsibilities of the fairing, which is composed of three parts that can be dismantled, and it’s entirely made of carbon/kevlar. The high-performance exhausts were created by Watler Amista of Zard Exhausts while the engine will be crafted by Alfredo Meoni.
Bonneville is a mystical place in the realm of motorsports, a truly one of a kind destination. It’s referred to as the Temple of Speed, the place where everything is possible. In terms of a land speed competitor or drag racer, it’s the mecca of the sport. Dino was accompanied by fellow pilots Domenico Fasanella and Rosario Fiorentino. Fasello is a racer, manager, and trainer and has lived and breathed motorcycling his whole life. Some of his career highlights include

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