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It definitely takes a special type of person to live the lifestyle that you racers do. Talk
a little bit about sharing the past experiences of your racing career with your wife. Like I said, we’ve been to- gether since we were teenagers and there were days where I’m gonna go riding and if there’s not going to be someone at the track and I need someone to be with me, she’s there helping and doing my stuff. She could be hanging out with her friends, at her own job, or whatever -- but I think that’s part of the blessing of us meeting really young is that she’s been a part of it and helped me with my success. She might not have had a job but her job was helping me do
my job. So, growing up together around that made her just as committed to this as
I am even today. She can’t come to the track every day and can’t
go to the races every weekend anymore, but she’s just as commit- ted to helping me. She helps with e-mails, talking with sponsors, anything that she can do -- she’s a big part
of what I do. It’s awe- some finding some- body when you’re young, and we love each other, and we grew up together so it’s just different. I feel like if you met some- one when you’re in your 20s or something like that, maybe she’s going to school and has a job or whatever, and then you race on the weekends, so you wouldn’t get to see each other as much. We probably know each other better than we should know each other, but at the end of the day I wouldn’t change any of it.
She has her own online business called Pretty Reb- els that has found some recent suc- cess. Could you talk a bit about that? Yeah, it was about four or five years ago now. Like
I said, before we had kids she was always helping me, but she’s always been a super motivated person that wants to do some- thing. It’s just been tough; she can’t have a normal job if she wants to travel with me, but she’s always been really interested in fashion, clothing,
and acting. She had

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