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“I’m proud of her. I hate talking about myself ever, but when it comes to talking about Britney I like bragging about her.”
been doing some act- ing stuff whenever she could, like when we’re in California she’ll go do stuff, just things like that. She wanted to go fashion school maybe, but to do that she’d have to commit to it and then we wouldn’t be together as often as we’re so used to being. We kind of thought
of the idea to start an online clothing store, like a women’s cloth- ing boutique. She can work from home (Cali- fornia, Florida, wherev- er) and it’s kind of the best of both worlds. You can still travel, be your own boss, and grow your business as you want to. So she started it about four
or maybe five years ago and man, she’s doing really good with it. She’s slowly grow- ing more and more each year with it and has taken over the whole upstairs of our house in Florida, so we’re probably gonna outgrow it pretty soon. She has two full-time employees that help her do stuff and they do a really good job.
Carrie Underwoods’ wore some of her stuff and if you watched the Superbowl last year, Nick Foles (quarter- back of the Eagles) -- if you google “Nick Foles Superbowl”, the pic- ture of him holding his daughter that pops up is her wearing a jacket that Britney made. Gronk’s girlfriend and Tom Brady’s wife buy stuff from her and wear some of her stuff, so she’s done a pretty good job for four years of doing it. I’m proud
of her. I hate talking about myself ever, but when it comes to talk- ing about Britney I like bragging about her.
Obviously, your expectations are tempered by the lack of preparation coming into the season, but where do you see yourself fitting in as the year goes on? The goal
is to be as close to the top ten as I can be. Last year in the 450 races that I did, I was on the edge of the top ten and I had a couple

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