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  The all-new YZF-R3
“The same technology from the YZF-R1 and the YZF-R6 has been utilized
in the pistons, ensuring higher rpm reliability and excellent strength at higher tempera- tures.”
Yamaha’s entry point into the supersport category has received a facelift for the upcoming season, upgrading to
a sharper look as well as a boost in handling and rider comfort.
The all-new YZF-R3 features a range of modifications to help improve performance, quality, and style. The new bodywork is made to mimic the YZR-M1 MotoGP bike, with high-tech LED lighting and new instruments. A new inverted fork offers enhanced suspen-
sion feel and feedback and a lower fuel tank and revised handlebar position improve rider ergonomics.
The new bodywork and ergonomics are front and center at the list of improvements, pro- moting a more aero- dynamic and sleeker profile than ever before. The new front fairing and windscreen pro- vide the bike with a more aggressive look while simultaneously increasing aerodynamic performance, claiming
to have cut down the aerodynamic drag by
7 percent, therefore adding 5mph to the potential tucked-in top speed. The updated er- gonomics and design of the fuel tank and cover provides a more com- fortable riding triangle, allowing the rider to more easily get tucked in behind the fairing and control the bike in cor- ners. The cherry on top is the LED headlights and LCD dash display which helps to refine the cockpit.

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