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  “The cherry on top is the LED headlights and LCD dash display which helps to refine the cockpit”
The same 321cc liquid-cooled inline 2-cylinder engine makes its return and delivers excellent power and performance through all portions of the rpm range. An 180-degree crankshaft design and an in- tegrated counterbalancer aim to minimize vibrations for a smooth tone. A compression ratio of 11.2:1, DOHC and four-valve cylinder heads, the YZF-R3 motor is designed for quick-revving performance and high-rpm efficiency. The smooth-shifting six-speed gearbox ensures the rider has the right ratio whether or not it’s slamming through the gears on a track day or bombing through the foothills after a day at work. The fuel injection system ensures easy starting, excellent mileage, and the right amount of responsiveness in all conditions. The same technology from the YZF-R1 and the YZF-R6 has been utilized in the pistons, ensuring higher rpm reliability and excellent strength at higher temperatures. Lastly, the compact exhaust system lends itself to centralized mass and modern styling, promoting
improved agility and ultra-responsive handling.

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