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It was really a chance incident, I was having
so much fun being there and being a part of it. T Y’know, even going to the races and making
he motorcycle community is a very tight knit group. What sparked your interest in bikes and how’d you get into the sport? It’s kind of a funny story actually -- I was riding an XR100 and I had a girlfriend of mine who was offered a job with Clear Channel to be a trophy girl. She asked me to go with her to Willow Springs and they were not paying, and they were short- handed in registration and they asked to me help out, and I was just havin’ a good time. I told ‘em I would help out as long
as they let me ride the scooter and at the end of the day they told me that I had such a good report with all the riders that they wanted to keep me as Miss Formula USA. So, I traveled with them nationwide to be the spokesperson for their series.
two hundred dollars a weekend with all my expenses paid, it really got me excited about the sport.
Things started on the modeling, spokesperson side of things as you
were named Miss Formula USA from
2000 - 2003 and also Miss WSBK in 2004. Could you elaborate a little more on those experiences? I guess I didn’t really know
how big it was. It just a matter of me enjoying myself; being excited about the sport, being excited about the people that I met, and knowing them on a personal level. I didn’t really know what I was gettin’ into and it led
to so much more, because then we started
up Umbrella Girls USA. It’s amazing how it happened really, it’s almost like it was meant to be. Everybody was my friend -- I didn’t realize that they were factory riders, I was just there enjoying myself. I was talking about different teams and people that I knew, and it led to so much more and then it became my whole life! It was AMA vs Formula USA, there were two big road race series back then. I wasn’t familiar with it, like I came from a horse background so I was riding high school rodeo. To me, it was something that I didn’t really know that I was excited about and passionate about, and there was no pressure.

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