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ACould you talk a little bit about your vision for Umbrella Girls USA and
how it all came together? In 2000,
I met Ann Asciano (she’s a corporate lawyer), and she was traveling to like
Milan and going to all these MotoGP races where she saw all these umbrella girls. I was working for Hooters Suzuki at the time and she was coming to all these local races, and eventually she asked me at Sears Point: “What’re you doing? Who are you? You’re the only umbrella girl out here and I see this
in Europe all the time!” I basically told her: “I’m a motorsports enthusiast. I’m really excited, these are my friends. I get paid (and it wasn’t a lot of money) to come out here and support the team.” Her and I started talking and she was like “We really need to do this in America.” So, basically we decided that we wanted to get a group of women that were motorsports enthusiasts,
that were beautiful and intelligent, and were excited about the sport, to start Umbrella Girls here in the United States because it’s so big over in Europe. That’s how we started the first modeling agency specifically for motorsports and it’s really taken off since then. I’m not with Umbrella Girls anymore, but it was
“I’m a motorsports a whirlwind for sure when everything enthusiast. I’m really excited, was good with the economy. We were
these are my friends.
working with Tucker Rocky and we were working for every factory team, and I myself was with Arian Honda at the time.

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