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“The twenty-eight year old gave it his all from his very first supercross race to his very last, proving that hard work can overcome natural talent and the dedica- tion to be a champion pays off for those who never say die.”
Champion Darcy Lange on their side. Both riders were proven on a professional level as championship winners and contenders, and they were the likely title favorites head- ing into the season. There were flashes of what was to come later that evening as Dungey went out and put himself on the top of the box in his heat race, solidifying a good gate pick for the main event. As the gate dropped to mark the commencement of the fifteen lap dash to the checkered flag, the fresh-faced rookie found himself just inside the top five. Amateur sensation Mike Alessi led the field with former MX2 World Champion Ben Townley closely in tow, but the Makita Suzuki of Dungey loomed closely behind. It didn’t take long for him to battle his way into the lead, forcing his RM250 past both riders as they crossed the finish line jump for the very first time.

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