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2012, there was definitely an adjustment period for the rider out of Minnesota. The Austrian manufac- turer had never won an AMA Supercross title until Dungey broke that record in 2015, but he didn’t stop there. His unwavering podium results and his met- ronomic consistency at the front of the field led him to three consecutive premier class championships, including 31 consecutive podium finishes between the 2015 and 2016 seasons. After the checkered flag waved to mark the end of the 2017 SX season at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, he ended things on his own terms with the number one plate in hand, bowing out with the grace of a champion. From the very first supercross race of his career to his last, Dungey put himself in the spotlight, albeit under very different circumstances.
From the time that he was number 62 on a Makita Suzuki in the 2007 Lites East Supercross Cham- pionship to the time that he was number 1 on a Factory Red Bull KTM in the 2017 450 Supercross Championship, Dungey always laid it all out on the track. His first and his last race were surrounded by different circumstances, they held different expecta- tions, and they unraveled in completely different manners -- but the way that he rose to the occasion when called upon stayed consistent. His supercross debut in 2007 was overshadowed by the supercross debut of Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Ben Townley after he spent the majority of the 2006 season nursing an injury. In addition to the New Zealander, Pro Circuit Kawasaki also had three-time AMA Arenacross

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