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                                                       Statswatch Aug-Sep 2019
BUILDING-RELATED DATA covering the August-September period show no real changes to recent patterns.
• September debt is par for the course.
• August consents return to single digit growth.
The stats for September from CreditWorks Data Solutions ( paint a picture of payments and debt that’s consistent with recent years.
“Overall DSOs remained fairly steady, as expected,” says Alan Johnston, adding: “However, we did see a bit of a ‘blow- out’ in the Glass sector.
“Already at a level higher than all the other industry sectors, this sector continued to decline and is now averaging over 65 days.”
Debt levels on the CRISworks database remained at over $2 billion exposure, down a little on last month.
“This is consistent with previous years, where the trend is a slight drop-off of work during the wetter, shorter months.”
Looking further out, says Alan Johnston: “I expect we will see a reverse in this trend over the next few months as the drier, longer days result in more production in the housing sector.”
August 2019’s consent data from Stats NZ ( again confirms the trend for residential growth to alternate between single and double digit values and back to single digits, while non-residential consent values also continue to yo-yo.
Consents for the August 2019 month were as follows: • Residential: $1.4 billion (+4.5% on August 2018).
• Non-residential: $552 million (–7.8%).
• Total building: $1.9 billion (+0.7).
By volume, the actual number of new dwellings consented
(3,261) was +6% on August 2018, but –5% on July 2019, comprising:
• 1,955 standalone houses.
• 735 townhouses, flats & units.
• 340 apartments.
• 231 retirement village units.
Consent values for YTD August 2019 were as follows:
• Residential: $15.3 billion (+7.6% on YTD August 2018). • Non-residential: $7.5 billion (+12%).
• Total building: $22.8 billion (+9%).
“In the year ended August 2019, 35,658 new dwellings were consented. That’s still a lot less than the peak of 40,000 recorded in the mid-1970s”
In the year ended August 2019, 35,658 new dwellings were consented. That’s +8.8% on the August 2018 year but still a lot less than the peak of 40,000 recorded in the mid-1970s.
By region, the number of new dwellings consented in the year ended August 2019 (compared with the August 2018 year) were:
• Auckland: 14,345 (+11% on YTD August 2018).
• Waikato: 4,048 (+16%).
• Wellington: 2,747 (+2%).
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