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                                                   STRIKEFORCE NZ LTD
Sales and Merchandising Services Provider
Level 3, 6 Kingdon St, Newmarket 1023, Auckland
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New Zealand manufacturer of wall wraps and roof underlays with an extensive range of accessories designed for New Zealand conditions - Smarter Products - Better Buildings
Auckland Head Office - with representation in the Bay of Plenty, Wellington and South Island
11 Turin Place, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013
PO Box 58-112, Botany, Auckland 2163
Ph: 09 273 3727, Fax: 09 273 3726
Freephone: 0800 806 595
Aluband is a premium tape with the benefits of heavier bituminous adhesive and a foil backing offering high strength bond and excellent abrasion resistance. As part of the system the orange corner mouldings are used to provide a high strength, robust flashing system and a secondary weather barrier. Aluband can be exposed to the elements for up to 42 days; Aluband Xtreme is a high performance self-adhered flashing tape. Suitable for window and door installation and other wall penetrations, no mess, compatible with most sealants, installs in a wide range of temperatures. Seals joins and bonds to virtually all building surfaces and wall underlays including rigid wall underlay systems, treated plywood and fibre cement systems. Can be exposed to the elements for up to 90 days; Ausmesh Safety Netting is a roof underlay support and fall arrest in commercial applications. When used for roofing, Ausmesh becomes a permanent fixture for the life of the building and provides the required safe working environment throughout initial roof installation and for any maintenance work in the future. Is available in standard galvanised and PVC coated black or white. Ausmesh Roof Mesh meets the following requirements AS/NZS 4389:2015. Ausmesh is proudly owned by Thermakraft Limited; Ausnet is a BRANZ appraised hexagonal galvanised steel wire mesh for use on timber and steel framing to support roof underlays, foils and glass wool insulation.The product consists of a pattern of woven flat 75mm hexagonal shape galvanised mild steel wires. Wire conforms to Class W10 of AS/NZS4534:2006 standard; Covertek roof underlay is a fire retardant, absorbent and breathable synthetic, constructed using a micro porous water- resistant film sandwiched between two layers of shrink- resistant spun-bonded polyolefin. Designed as a means of managing condensation, water vapor transfer and water ingress in roof. Choose from: Covertek 407 - Premium heavy weight self supporting. Covertek 405 - Commonly used in sheds where left exposed. Covertek 403 - Can also be used on the wall and is part of the one wrap sytem BRANZ appraisal; Drainage Matt extruded three dimensional synthetic black mesh, used
as an air separation layer between fully sarked roof, and roof cladding. Provides a path for air passage, ventilating potential areas of condensation or moisture accumulation and facilitating drying. It provides a separation layer and air passage in the roof and wall cavities; Orange Corner Moulds Thermakraft Corner Moulds must be used in conjunction with Thermakraft Aluband window sealing tape system. Provides strong corner flashing protection; Perimeter DPC (Damp Proof Course) is a bitumen saturated kraft and lightly coated with perlite. Perimeter is designed for use as a separator between timber and metal from concrete, masonry or brick. Designed for use as a moisture barrier under bottom plate and concrete foundation and Moisture barrier between timber jack studs and timber piles. Perimeter can be used as a concealed flashing at jambs and sills of aluminium windows and door joinery in masonry veneer constructed in accordance with NZS3604:2011; Stud Strap is a black polythene woven and coated strap, for use as a support for non-self support Roof Underlays, and to restrict insulation bellowing of wall underlays in drained cavity applications. Ideal for large wall applications; Supercourse 500 A Damp Proof Course (DPC) and concealed flashing is a hi-impact polyethylene film, embossed on both sides. Is a suitable moisture impermeable alternative to bituminous DPC, will provide moisture barrier protection and prevent walls, floors and structural elements in contact with the ground absorbing or transmitting moisture. It is intended for use as a DPC separating timber and wood-based products from concrete or masonry elements or where required, timber jack studs, bearers and piles; Thermabar 344 is a fire retardant light diffuser foil Insulation, consisting of a layer of highly burnished aluminium foil bonded with a fire retardant adhesive to a white woven polymeric mesh. It will provide a white finish, increasing light diffusion and reflection. Can be used as a vapour control layer, and improve thermal performance if installed and taped on the warm side of bulk insulation; Thermabar 397 is a fire retardant, light diffuser, high strength foil insulation & vapour control layer used to line walls and under roofs in commercial and industrial building where the look and finish needs to be high quality. Provides extreme tear resistance & low shrinkage with high tensile strength. Ideal product to use as provides a high quality white aesthetic finish, increasing light diffusion and reflection when installed with white surface facing down; Thermakraft One Wrap System is a 10-product integrated BRANZ appraised solution designed to assist with the control of air and moisture within a building,tohelpkeepitdry,safeandhealthy.TheThermakraft One Wrap System consists of Watergate Plus 295, Thermakraft 220 and Covertek 403 Plus wall underlays; Aluband and Aluband Xtreme flexible flashing tapes, Thermastrap and Stud Strap 201, Thermakraft ONE SEAL, Corner Moulds and white general purpose tape; Thermakraft 213 Bituminous Heavy Weight Building Paper is a versatile building underlay, designed for use in residential and commercial wall and roof applications. Highly water vapour permeable, allowing excess water vapour that may otherwise condense in the wall structure to escape. Bituminous building papers are called out as the acceptable solution for building underlays in NZBC E2/ AS1 Table 23, and NZS 2295; 2006 for both wall and roof application.Wall application Is suitable for use in all wind zones of NZS 3604 up to, and including,“Very High”, when used as a standalone flexible underlay, and extra high when used as a flexible underlay over a rigid wall underlay. Roof application requires support at all pitches; Thermakraft 215 self- supporting roof and wall underlay is an absorbent, breathable underlay specifically designed for use in Domestic and Commercial buildings. Suitable as a roof and wall underlay with all cladding types, where Fire Retardancy is NOT required. As a roof underlay Self-supporting when run horizontally at pitches 3° and greater.When run vertically at pitches >3° and <10° degrees, 215 must be supported. Support recommended at very low pitches. Situated in NZS3604 Building Wind Zones up to, and including ‘Very High’ (wall); Thermakraft 215 complies with the requirements of NZBC E2/AS1 Table 23; Thermakraft 220 is a fire retardant, absorbent, breathable wall underlay. It is a white non-woven polypropylene, for use on timber framing behind exterior wall cladding.Thermakraft 220 offers a high degree of water vapour permeability. Used as a wall underlay on timber framed buildings with absorbent and non-absorbent P.V.C wall cladding direct fixed to framing also on timber
buildings with absorbent and non-absorbent wall cladding installed over an 18mm minimum drained cavity; Thermakraft 401 is the next step up from bituminous paper into the synthetic range. 401 is an absorbent and breathable synthetic roof underlay, constructed using a microporous water resistant film sandwiched between two layers of shrink resistant spun- bonded polyolefin. Designed and made in New Zealand, a lightweight high strength underlay suitable for use unsupported where fire retardancy is not required. Self- supporting when run horizontally at pitches ≥3° When run vertically at pitches ≥3° <10° support is required, at 10° or greater, support not required when run vertically up to spans of 1200mm max; Thermakraft One Seal They are a patented, highly adhesive for complete air and water tight solution for round or rectangular pipes, cables or conduits when passing through underlay barriers.Thermakraft One Seal are simple to install, highly adhesive and completely airtight, no need for special tools, glue or tapes. Remove the guesswork and be sure that you’ll always have the right size for the job. Four pre- notched rings for pipes sized from 15mm to 110mm diameter. 1 x conduit – 55mm to 80mm diameter or 2 x cables – 10mm to 22mm diameter; and 4 x cables – 7mm to 10mm diameter. Part of the Thermakraft One Wrap System.; Thermastrap 201 is a blue polythene embossed strap, for use as a support for non-self support roof underlays, and to restrict insulation bellowing of wall underlays in drained cavity applications high tensile strength; Thermathene Black is used as a concrete underlay and a moisture vapour barrier in areas where protection is required. Thermathene Black is 250 micron, and coloured black for ultra violet resistance. Complies with NZS 3604.2011 as a concrete underlay & DPM; Thermathene Orange is a super hi-strength concrete underlay. It is a tear resistant Polyethylene film that has been extruded using special resins to promote tough properties within the membrane. Used as a Concrete Underlay and moisture barrier in applications where high puncture and tear resistance is required; Vapor- Shield 101 moisture control barrier consists of a woven polyethylene coated both sides with polyethylene film, is tear resistant and can withstand climate extremes. It is moisture proof and impervious to rot, mildew and most chemicals. Laid as a moisture vapour barrier initially to maintain a waterproof membrane to keep the sarking dry until the roof is fixed, then acts as a vapour control layer during its serviceable life; Watergate Plus is a fire retardant, absorbant and breathable wall underlay. It is a white composite non- wovenpolypropylene,specificallydesignedasawallunderlay behind exterior wall cladding. Watergate Plus 295 also offers a high degree of water resistance, with a high level of water vapour permeability. Maximum UV exposure 60 days; White General Purpose Tape a premium white polypropylene tape, using the latest in acrylic adhesive technology which can be used on synthetic wall & roof underlays, foil products or damp proof membranes such as thermathene. The tape is also ideal for sealing edges of vapour control layers, ducts and underfloor foil insulation
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