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                                        TOOLWARE SALES LIMITED
3 Stonedon Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013
PO Box 204 233, Highbrook, Auckland 2161
Ph: 09 579 8080, Fax: 09 579 1166
Adjustable clamps; Ampfibian safety power adaptors; Apexon staples and staplers; Arrow staplers and staples; Bailey Peerless drain clearing rods, test plugs; Barco sledge hammer, club hammers; Beargrip rivet tools, threaded insert tool; Bell Craft countersinks, plug cutters; Benz Werkz SDS masonry drills; Black Steel vices, g-clamps and t-bar clamps; Blackedge carpenter’s pencils; Boa constrictor strap wrenches, grabit screw & bolt extractor; Channellock pliers, cutters and adjustable spanners; Coast head lamps, torches and work lights, knives and multi-tools; Dogyu carpenters nail bars; Drainking drain cleaning tools; Draper Tools chisels, ball
pein hammers, deep impact sockets, insulated shovels, vernier caliper, hand tools, socket sets, screw drivers; Econocut router bits; Edma sheetmetal tools and wire staples; Eklind ball and hex keys and sets; Estwing hammers and striking tools, axes, tomahawks, nail and wrecking bars; Faithfull flat bits, planes, insulated shovels and digging tool, hand tools; Fasty strap tie downs; Fisco measuring tapes and rules; Fisher combination squares; Footprint hand tools, bolsters and chisels; General Mfg specialty tools; General Wire drain clearing equipment; GFB industrial screwdriver bits, countersinks, jig saw blades and ratchet tie downs; G-MAN handsaws, junior hacksaws; Grip-on locking pliers and folders; Haydn tungsten carbide scrapers and chip brushes; HIT hand tools, bolt cutters, re-bar cutter benders; Index tape measures; Irega adjustable wrenches; Iva planer blades and adaptors; Jackman tool bags, bucket bags, tool holders; Johnson levels, t-squares, combination squares, laser levels, marking safety and construction products; Jokari wire stripping tools; Jorgensen adjustable clamps; Kanzawa wallboard saws and angled drill chucks; Keson chalk and
chalk lines, telly meter; Knipex pliers; Leaderart marking pens; M K Morse bi-metal holesaws, carbide grit holesaws, tungsten tipped holesaws, reciprocating saw blades, hacksaws and hacksaw blades; Malco turbo sheers; Manor bolt cutters; Marshalltown cementers and drywall tools, brick trowels, trowels and floats, rubber buckets; Mayhew engineer’s bars, chisels & punches; Melform tube spanner, element spanners; Mid-West aviation snips, off set snips; Monument plumbers tools; Panasonic batteries; PG Professional doweling tools, pre-cut dowels, jointing biscuits; Piher clamps; Porta industrial chucks for machine and power tools; QLT by Marshalltown trowels and floats; Robtec metal & masonry cut-off wheels, depressed centre discs; Rothenberger specialty plumbing tools; Safa tool boxes; Scala calipers & dividers; Shinwa sliding bevels; Sit industrial power and hand wire brushes; Stanley hand tools, tape measures; StanWay aprons, hand tools, plumbers tools, copper tube benders, plastic & wood floats, saw blades, shovels & spades, screeds, fiber cement cutters, PVC pipe cutters, tube cutters and chalk lines, screeds, bull-floats; Stanway Enduro saw blades; Star M auger bits, wood boring bits and cutters; Starrett holesaws, jigsaws and reciprocating saw blades; Swanson measuring tools, straight edgers; Taurus leather & canvas aprons & bags; T-Cut router bits and cutters; Thor soft face hammers; Yamayo fibreglass and steel tapes and rules; Zenten PVC pipe cutters, tube cutters and chalk lines; Zircon electronic sensor tools
NZ made metal flashings
2-6 Niall Burgess St, Mt Wellington, Auckland 1060 PO Box 12303, Penrose, Auckland 1642
Ph: 09 526 6813, Fax: 09 526 6847
Website: Triumph flashings, soakers, louvre vents
Intelligent Hardware Inventory Solutions
PO Box 15476, Dinsdale, Hamilton 3243
Fax: +647 825 7559
Mobile: +6421 364 604
Freephone: 0508 876 876
Vendor Refill Management sales, merchandising
and ordering services, increasing sales to suppliers and manufacturers nationwide; VRM in store - establish and maintain planograms and bay layout guides (BLG’s); VRM market intelligence - regular communication with information targeted to the home improvement sector, market updates and key industry activities; VRM product/category management
- maintain inventory consistency and improve customer satisfaction; VRM promotions and new products - ensure maximum impact, and meet and exceed sales targets
Providing teams that put you in total control of sales
PO Box 151082, New Lynn, Auckland 0640
Ph: 09 825 0589
Mobile: 021 934 971
Call us: to find out how we can deliver an efficient and cost effective solution, we understand that every brand is unique and requires a solution and service mix that is specific to your market and brand; Key Services: ; Market intelligence ; Merchandising services ; Product knowledge/training ; Real time reporting ; Sales and merchandising services
; Sales representation ; Space management ; Stock integrity ; Vendor refill management
We’ve been increasing sales at point of purchase with effective, customised displays for 33 years Auckland
PO Box 12357, Penrose, Auckland 1642
Ph: 09 6345564 or 021 965149, Fax: 09 634 5566
Mobile: 021 965149
DataprongTM ; Hangsell displays, hook strips and stands displays & stock components; PacGuard blister pack theft limiter.Total point of purchase consultants and manufacturers; Warner Brochure Pockets Datastrips and Sign Holders wire and acrylic freestanding, wall mount, ex stock or custom designed and manufactured; Warner Customised Displays Point of Purchase display solutions, brochure & sign holders; Warner Point of Sale consultants, ex stock supply and custom manufacture; Warner Prongs and Warner Blocks two part and custom made
Ventilation, Heating and Extraction
20B Arwen Place, East Tamaki
PO Box 204120 Highbrook
Ph: 09 274 4113, Fax: 09 274 1880
Weiss Clear Air air extractor fans, ducting accessories and grilles, heat transfer systems; Weiss Clear Flow inline ducted air extractor fans; Weiss Clear Glow heat, fan, light, ducting combinations, home ventilation systems; Weiss
ECO Ventilation home ventilation systems; Weiss heating products bathroom IP rated, wall panel, room-space heaters; Weiss Intelli-Flow automatic extraction products; Weiss Lighting & electrical products LED Flood lights and heavy duty extension leads
331A Flaxton Road, Rangiora 7400
PO Box 33, Rangiora 7440
Ph: 03 313 7956, Fax: 03 313 5551
Hidrate hose and fittings; Rachio irrigation controllers; Wetta garden hose, brass fittings, plastic fittings, watering products, irrigation pipe and fittings, clear vinyl tube, drinking water hose; Wetta turf and Irrigation products
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