Page 20 - Wanda Weasel
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You should be able to understand that Wanda “Want-It-Now” weasel did not follow the old saying, “Patience and Persistence are Positives.” She was not patient nor did she persevere and this was caused by her Stinky Thinking. At the end of the story, you learned that Wanda was not alone in her Stinky Thinking.
There were others who were neither patient nor persistent and they began hanging around together. It is normal to want to be with others with whom you feel comfortable. Unfortunately, if you feel comfortable with others because they have the same Stinky Thinking that you have, you probably won’t change your thinking and that will cause you problems.
That is exactly what happened with Wanda. She may have felt comfortable around her new friends but she continued to be impatient and was not willing to work hard enough (persistent) to learn new tasks. But now the situation was more dangerous. She wanted to go out into the lake in a little boat. If you are impatient, you will frequently make bad decisions. Rather than learning to change your thinking to reflect more patience, you will simply blame others for your problems.
Now that Wanda had others who agreed with her, she saw no reason to ask herself, “Is my thinking making any sense? Do I need to slow down and re-evaluate what I am about to do?”

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