Page 22 - Wanda Weasel
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1. What did Cosmos mean by the saying “Pa ence and Persistence are Posi ves?”
a. That you should not rush into doing something. You should keep trying un l you get it right. b. Don’t get angry with others. Be nice.
c. Be s ll and wait un l you are called on.
2. When Wanda raced out of the lesson on tree climbing, she got in trouble. Why?
a. She was very noisy and disturbed the others.
b. She didn’t wait un l the lesson was  nished and did not know how to climb down the tree. c. She ran out and climbed the tree out of turn.
3. How did Wanda spoil the hun ng trip at the corn crib?
a. She fell asleep and did not know when to chase the rats.
b. She was supposed to be quiet but instead was very loud.
c. She got excited when she saw a rat and started chasing it, which caused all of the
rats to sca er.
4. When Wanda went hun ng for the rabbits, she was part of the “hiding” group. What happened to spoil the hunt?
a. Wanda was not pa ent and came out too soon. She scared away the rabbits. b. The rabbits spo ed the weasels and were able to escape.
c. Wanda was too slow to catch any of the rabbits.
5. A er the two spoiled hunts, what did Wanda decide?
a. That she would be be er o  hun ng alone.
b. That hun ng was a waste of  me and she was not going to do it any more.
c. That she needed to be more pa ent and pay more a en on to the direc ons.
6. When Wanda decided a er two hun ng trips to quit trying to hunt, what was she failing to be?
a. Pa ent
b. Perfect
c. Persistent
7. Because Wanda was not persistent in her hun ng, she decided to eat fruit. What did she get for her trouble?
a. A stomach ache.
b. Very li le fruit.
c. A new way to  nd food.
8. Despite all of her problems, Wanda was able to make some new friends. Why?
a. She was fun to be around.
b. She knew how to get several types of food.
c. She found others who had the same S nky Thinking.
9. Were these new friends good or bad for Wanda?
a. Good, because she was  red of being alone.
b. Bad, because they were neither pa ent nor able to persevere, just like Wanda. c. Bad, because they liked doing stupid stu  like sailing a boat.
10. To be successful in school, what two things must happen?
a. You must be smart and lucky.
b. You must have a nice teacher and study. c. You must be pa ent and persistent.

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