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This is the type of thinking that causes feelings of frustration and impatience. Feelings of impatience (Not OK ) feelings leads to impulsive (Thumbs Down) behaviors, just like Wanda.
Patience is the result of coping self-messages that you must teach yourself. For example, learn to tell yourself, “Calm down, take a deep breath. As soon as the teacher finishes the question, I will raise my hand to answer it. If she calls on someone else, it is no big deal and I will get my turn some other time.” This Good Thinking will allow you to feel relaxed and calm (OK emotions) and your behavior will be acceptable (Thumbs Up).
And if you don’t get called on to answer the question, you will not be too disappointed or very upset. Learning to be patient does not mean sitting quietly but still being very upset that you did not get called on. Although sitting quietly may keep you out of trouble, you will still have the emotional upset being caused by your Stinky Thinking: “It’s not fair that the teacher never calls on me.”
Learning to be patient means to change the things you are telling yourself. “The teacher did not call on me but there are twenty other students who also did not get called on this time. I will not tell myself stupid, stinky things and will just wait my turn.”
Your Good Thinking will cause OK emotions and Thumbs Up behavior which will teach you to be Patient and Persistent.

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