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Wanda is not persistent because she won’t stay with a task until she has learned it or until she has completed it. In the modern world, there are so many distractions available that it is hard to be persistent even if you don’t have the type of thinking illustrated by Wanda. But because many children think like Wanda, they can easily justify not being persistent.
As with many Thumbs Down behaviors, the truly negative consequences of not being persistent will occur in the future.
This may be failure in high school or an inability to keep a job. It may have many other personal negative consequences like when trying to stick with a diet. Ultimately, not being persistent will have many significant negative consequences.
1. After the two failed hunting trips, what was Wanda telling herself about hunting?
“This is a waste of time. The teachers don’t know what they are doing.”
2. Was that Stinky Thinking or Good Thinking?
Stinky Thinking.
3. What was her behavior toward hunting?
She refused to try and learn how to hunt any better.
4. Was that Thumbs up or Thumbs Down?
Thumbs Down

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