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The worksheets continue with Cosmos explaining that associating with others just because they make you feel comfortable may not be the smart thing to do. In Wanda’s case (which is often the case with youth) she is associating with others simply because they all have the same type of Stinky Thinking. The results in the story are assumed to be terrible, as they frequently are in real life.
The associating with others because of a “Commonality of Stinky Thinking” is a recurring theme in the Coping Skills program. As peers replace parents, other adults and society’s expectations as the main influence in a young person’s life, the peers they select becomes more important.
It is natural to want to associate with others who are friendly with us or agree with us. Unfortunately for Wanda, the very Stinky Thinking and Thumbs Down behaviors she and her friends have in common is what led to tragedy at the end of the story.
1. Why did Wanda start hanging around with the bear and possum in the story?Because they all had the same type of Stinky Thinking and were not patient or persistent.
2. Do you think that this was a good or bad idea and why?
A bad idea. Because they would agree with her Stinky Thinking and she would never change it.
3. List the names of three friends who demonstrate that Patience and Perseverance are Positive.
(List their names and let them know that you think that they are good, “role models.”)

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