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A message from the Chairman: SECPID
SECPID is nearing completion of one replacement camera installation and licensing of access to a camera installation being undertaken as a cooperative venture with two of our adjacent subdivisions.
SECPID’s second voluntary contribution arrived with the following note attached: “I do not agree with the Age Exemptions. Security needs are not age related.” In fact, security needs may be even more important for our older residents. SECPID continues to ask for your consideration of direct participation in effective safety, security and betterment programs through your voluntary contributions.
The security cameras installed by SECPID are NOT “traffic cameras”, are NOT surveillance cameras, are NOT monitored, and are NOT accessible through the Internet. For a more formal statement of the purposes and restrictions of use, please refer to SECPID’s Security Camera Policy on our website
The cameras ARE specifically designed to capture images day or night of movements in or out of Shenandoah Estates. They are motion activated and capture images of vehicles and license plates on those vehicles. The images are accessible ONLY by authorized law enforcement. Their record of contributing to the identification and apprehension of perpetrators of criminal activity in Shenandoah Estates has been publicized, and has been regularly recognized by the Sheriff’s Department.
You have seen these yard signs, and the official speed limit signs posted on every street in Shenandoah Estates. The
speed limit for every residential area was established by ordinance of the Parish government. The law is enforced, and within Shenandoah Estates is enforced by the East Baton RougeSheriff’sDepartment.Thestatisticsontraffic warnings, citations, arrests and impoundments are reported in the Newswatch every month.
Whatever your opinion of the 25 MPH speed limit, it is there for the safety of our residents and anyone else using our roads. For your own safety and that of other drivers, pedestrians, school children and property, SECPID offers the following suggestions.
STAY OFF THE PHONE. DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE. Repeated studies confirm that the human brain cannot “multitask”. Every distraction – even conversation in the car or listening to the radio – decreases your ability to drive safely.
LEAVE SOONER AND DO 25 MPH. It takes focus and practice, but the time spent discussing your violation with a Deputy far exceeds the time you might save by speeding. It’s also much cheaper, including your insurance rating.
SECPID will continue to encourage safe driving. | UPDATE | October 2018
  Whether you are already paying the annual fee or not, please consider additional support for SECPID’s activities, which support and promote the value of Shenandoah Estates to its residents. Voluntary contributions may be mailed or given to any Commissioner. Checks can be made out to SECPID, and our mailing address is:
Shenandoah Estates Crime Prevention and Improvement District Box 77926 | Baton Rouge, LA 70879-7926

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