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 headquarters of the Foundation of Historical Louisiana. It features furnishings and artifacts from nine governors, and you can tour the grand ballroom as well as see the crystal chandeliers and marble staircase.
9. Louisiana Art and Science Museum: See the art and science galleries of the Louisiana Art and Science Museum for free the first Sunday of every month. You can also view their planetarium and attend their offered lectures, workshops, classes, camps and other programs. Some of their activities include star gazing and an annual gala with a temporary revolving art exhibit.
10. Old State Capitol: Fill your day in Baton Rouge with the glass-stained windows and Gothic architecture of the Old State Capitol. The historic building reopened in 1944 as the Museum of Political History, where it once housed the Louisiana Legislature from the mid-nineteenth century to the 1930s.
11. Veterans Museum: View aircraft and the names of fallen Americans involved in WWII and other battles at the Veterans Museum. You can see the USS Kidd, which is a Fletcher-Class destroyer, the first Sunday of each month. The Veterans Museum is just one of several free Baton Rouge museums.
12. Red Stick Farmers Market:Support and give back to the Baton Rouge community by visiting the Red Stick Farmers Market. It’s an open-air market where local farmers and producers sell fruits, veggies and seasonal foods. You can taste samples, purchase food or walk around to see new things.
13. Downtown Baton Rouge: Explore downtown Baton Rouge for date night ideas or to see the various shops, entertainment venues and restaurants. At the bank of the Mississippi River, downtown has commercial, residential and entertainment spots.
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