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1. Louisiana State University Museum of Art: Tour the LSU Museum of Art to see more than 6,500 pieces from around the world. The first Sunday of the month is free, so you can view one of the most extensive collections of art in the South ranging from sculptures, photographs and paintings.
2. Mike the Tiger Habitat: Visit Mike the tiger in LSU’s multi-million-dollar facility. The university’s mascot enjoys life with a waterfall, pond and plants in his 15,000 square foot home, so go say hi!
3. North Sherwood Forest Community Park: Walk or bike around North Sherwood’s paths outside, go fishing on a hot summer day or take your kids to the indoor playground for loads of fun.
4. Highland Road Park Observatory: Spend a few hours at Highland Road Park Observatory where they have reflecting telescopes. You can attend free events such as solar, evening sky and planet viewing.
5. BREC Dog Park on Harrell’s Ferry: Take your dog for a walk, jog the trail around the pond or practice your soccer skills on the adjacent fields.
6. State Capitol: Watch legislatures in session at the state capitol in Baton Rouge and take the elevator to the 27th floor, where you can see across the city on the observation deck.
7. Arsenal Park and Old Arsenal Museum: See Arsenal Park and Old Arsenal Museum, which are on the grounds of the Capitol. The museum allows you to view exhibits on military history and the history of the Capitol grounds as well as the Battle of Baton Rouge.
8. Old Governor’s Mansion: Visit the Old Governor’s Mansion, built in 1930. Once known as “Louisiana’s White House,” it’s the
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